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“Somebody New” é a nova canção dos Fingertips
“Somebody New” é o novo single dos Fingertips. Esta nova canção fala sobre o amor, um amor profundo, verdadeiro e interminável que poderá durar para sempre, embora sendo obrigado a seguir dois caminhos diferentes.

[LETRA] Somebody New dos Fingertips

Tell me you feel me
The way I feel you
Tell me it wasn’t a lie
Romanticize it a little bit boy
Before I silence my mind

Don’t you know
You still hold me without touch
But it’s hurting me way too much
More and more
It’s time to say goodbye

I won’t lie, can’t take you off my mind
But I need somebody new
Hold me tight before I say goodbye
Cause I need somebody new

Where did our love go
We keep on asking
When there’s no answer at all
I’m sorry boy but here, in this ocean
Those waves of emotion won’t roll anymore

Don’t you know
That we break our broken hearts
Yes we break them into thousand parts
On and on
It’s time to change our lives

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